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New Flannel for a Quilt and Plans for It- Part 2

Hi everyone! In a post earlier this week, I talked about red and white flannel I purchased to make a quilt out of. In the same order, I purchased navy blue colored flannel and flannel with a marble print on it. Both flannels were on sale at Joann Fabric and Craft store when I placed the order. I originally wanted to make a blue and white quilt, but I decided to buy the marble printed one instead.

Since I am talking about the flannel I purchased, I wanted to talk about the blue and marble flannels and how far along I am in deciding what kind of quilt pattern I want to make using them.

Here is what the flannel fabric look like…

The marble flannel is a print while the blue flannel is dyed all the way through. I liked the way the light blue marble adds some texture beside the dark navy blue flannel.

As for quilt patterns, I don’t have one I like for this future quilt. I had some in mind when I purchased the fabric, but I felt like I wanted to add some white flannel to the quilt. After I received the flannel in the mail and lived with it for a while, I felt like I wanted to turn both of them into anything besides a quilt. My ideas include pajama bottoms (Which I need), a cute fall and winter dress (I also need one), skirts (For the navy blue only), and throw pillows (For the marble fabric). Because of this, I don’t want to commit to turning both fabrics into a quilt anymore. I am considering making throw pillow cases/covering using a quilt design. That way the fabric fulfilled the purpose I purchased the fabric for, leaving me with many yards left to make myself the clothes I both want and need.

If I remember, I’ll write an update post about what I decide to do with the fabric.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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