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Why I’m So Focused on Knitting Right Now

Hi everyone! For the past year or more, I’ve been really focused on improving my knitting skills and get better at reading knitting patterns better. I’ve been knitting for years, but for the past year or more I focused on it more than sewing and any other hobby I have but don’t mention about online. I will start to talk about some of my most recent knitting projects sometime soon, but I wanted to talk about why I’m so focused on knitting right now.

The reason why I’m focused on knitting is really simple: I want some new knitted clothes and other items but can’t find them in stores. I can find things in store, but I usually can’t afford it, can’t fit into the clothes (Or I look so bad it’s funny to look at me), hate the feel or washability of the yarn used to create it, or I think it just doesn’t look good. I thought I was being a stick in the mud about how picky I am, but that’s when I realized it just isn’t good quality items. There are good quality knitted items, but they can be purchased in stores further away from where I live and work. I tried to order items online, but the quality is also really poor as well.

After many frustrating shopping trips, I decided it was time to actually make myself a wardrobe or items I would like to use in quality yarn I can depend on. Also, my knitting skills are good enough to make a lot of items, including sweaters, that look professional and nobody notices I made them.

So, right now I’m in the process of gathering yarn and knitting patterns to make myself a variety of sweaters, accessories, and home items I can wear and use when it gets old outside again. I already tried to knit myself a hot water bottle cozy (I use a hot water bottle for icing areas that are swollen) that turned out well, but the pattern I used was scaled wrong. Because of this, when I followed the pattern as written, it made a very cute wine or olive oil bottle cozy. As for a hot water bottle, it’s laughably too small!

Unfortunately, this means I will probably write posts about knitting for a while. I hope anyone who reads my blog for sewing, photography, or art is patent while I write about my adventures in knitting! I am also sewing myself clothes (I’m having the same exact problem with clothes and accessories such as tote bags and hand bags) so I’ll be talking about them in posts as well. I am having camera problems, so I may not write any posts about how I knitted or sewed something because I don’t have the ability to take photographs. Still, I want to talk about them once they are done!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!