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Why I’m Interested in Candle Making

Hi everyone! Recently, while sitting at home trying to think of ways of reducing my allergic reaction to certain allergens, I remembered certain scented candles trigger my allergies. Like many people with allergies, I struggle finding candle fragrances I love that do not trigger my allergies. I’m fortunate that my allergies are not as bad as others I know, but I still have my struggles.

One of my major problems with candles is not always the fragrances, but the candle wax. One of my allergies is to soy. This is a problem because if I burn a soy candle, I’ll have an allergic reaction. Because of this, I got rid of many of my favorite candle scents and opted for my favorite home scents in a non candle form.

On the day I remembered I can’t use scented candles made with soy wax, I also remembered there are different kinds of candle waxes. I can find these candles readily available, but the brands I like to buy the candles from don’t carry all my favorite fragrances. That is when I realized I could try to recreate my own candles using wax I’m not allergic to with the scents I really want to own a candle in.

After doing some research, I discovered it’s not as complicated as I was afraid it would be. I also found wax that I’m not allergic to and scents I wanted a candle to smell like, but couldn’t find in a non soy wax version. The only thing that’s stopping me is the upfront cost (It may not be as expensive as I think it is, but then again it could be) and finding a place to make the candles. Also, I’m not able to burn candles at this time because of my housing situation. Still, I’m seriously interested in it.

Even though I’m making the candles for myself, and maybe as presents if it works out well, I don’t have plans to make candles for sale. I want to make myself candles as a hobby and for my own enjoyment. Still, if I do take up candle making as a hobby, I’ll talk about it in future posts.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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