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A Rant About My Computer’s Drawing Tablet- Part 2

In my last rant post about my computer’s drawing tablet, I talked about my struggles with my old Wacom Bamboo tablet, why I cannot use it anymore, and trying to find a new version of my tablet. After discovering Wacom does not make the Bamboo line of tablets anymore (It’s now a line of smart pens), I started to search for a Wacom brand replacement.

After searching Wacom’s website, I found a few tablets that fit my requirements and necessities for a drawing tablet. The first one is the Wacom Intuos line and the second is One by Wacom. I like both tablet, or pen tablets as it’s called on the website, but they are not what I was looking for. The reason why I don’t like the Intros is because of the service area that can be used is not very big… unless I spend $199 USD for the largest intros available on their website. (Which is still a size medium) As for the One, that tablet is by far the most similar to my original tablets, but the active area (The area that detects the stylist pen) is smaller than my tablets. Plus, they currently carry only one size: Small.

Since I had so many problems finding a replacement tablet, I decided to give up on Wacom and instead look for a different brand of drawing tablets. After searching for a while, I stumbled across tablets available on Amazon. The brands that peaked my interest the most was XP-Pen, Gaomon, and Huion.

All three brands have good reviews on the tablet size I want, as well as the price point I wanted to buy my tablet at. The only problem that is preventing me from buying a tablet is I don’t know which brand I want the tablet from. After searching, I realized that I don’t know how much the replacement pen tip/nibs cost as well as if I should use my tablet on my phone or not. (XP-Pen sells tablets that are for PC and Mac desktop only and tablets in the same size that work on PC, Mac desktops, android phones, iphones, and ipads.) So, until I finish my research, I won’t be buying any tablets for now.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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