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Spoonflower Contest Entry: Three Cakes- Coloring Book Version

Hi everyone! After a lull in posting anything but links to new YouTube videos, I wanted to post something different.

A few months ago, I began working on new Spoonflower designs. I mentioned earlier this year that I entered Spoonflower’s weekly design contest multiple times but did not win. During this time, I began to work on new designs and variations of old ones. Although I had multiple designs I needed to finish working on, I it took me a few months to get around to ordering test swatches. I recently recieved the swatches and I want to begin blogging about the new designs!

The first design I want to talk about is the last weekly contest entry I entered. The theme was to create a food design in the style of a coloring book. Like with my previous entries, I didn’t win, but I did enjoy creating the design.

Here’s the design…

I hope to eventually make a variation of the design and color the cakes as well, but I’m not sure I will finish all the variations of the design because it is very close to the holiday season and I know I will be very busy! I still hope to finish them sometime early next year.

If you want to see the design on Spoonflower, you can find it here.

That’s all for now! There will be another post sharing a new YouTube video coming this week, but I plan on posting something besides sharing a new YouTube video next week.

Thank you for reading!