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New Fabric Design- Flower Damask 3 and Feather Damask

Hi everyone! It’s the start of a new week, but last week’s post theme continues, which means more new Spoonflower designs. For today’s post, I will be talking about two new design: Flower Damask 3 and Feather Damask.

Both designs used to be coloring book designs, but are colored in a tone on tone style. Both designs are only available in pastel tone on tone colors, but I plan on coloring them and making them fabric designs in the future.

Flower Damask 3 used to be called Coloring Book 5. Although this name worked for the black and white version, I did not like this for the colored versions I had planned. So, I changed it to Flower Damask 3.

I made this design in white and color versions, but I have plans to make a different, completely colored version of it that is not tone on tone.

Here are the links to Flower Damask 3 on Spoonflower…

As for Feather Damask, the coloring book line art used to be called Coloring Book 4 and design can be seen here.

Its been a while since I drew the line art, so I don’t remember what inspired the design. I think it was meant for a larger, more elaborate design, but I didn’t draw the other designs so this one was the only one I could use.

Here are the links to the designs on Spoonflower…

That’s all for now! Just two more posts before I’m done talking about my new fabric designs!

Thank you for reading!

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