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Playing with the Blind Hem Foot

Unfortunately, I still don’t have a lot to talk about sewing, art, and photography wise, so I decided to talk about another sewing machine foot I’m trying to learn how to use: The blind hem foot.

blind hem foot

The blind hem foot is from the same set of feet as my gathering foot. I’ve heard of the blind hem foot but never used it before so while working on a skirt, I decided to give it a try. Normally I like to look for tutorials on how to use the foot before I use it, but the paper that came with the set of sewing machine feet explained how the foot works in a way I understood. So, I went right into practicing with the foot.

This is what the skirt’s hem looked like after I sewed it for the first time…

rolled hem pratice 2

The hem looked good from the outside of the skirt, but from the inside it looked a little sloppy…

rolled hem pratice

In my defense, it was my first time ever using the blind hem foot. I expected my first hem to look bad, but it turned out better than I thought! I think I should’ve practiced on a straight piece of fabric before trying it out on my skirt. The skirt has a curved hem so it was harder for me to handle than a straight piece of fabric.

Overall, I liked working with the foot. It made hemming a skirt so much faster than pinning it or using bias tape. I hope to use the foot more in the future.


  • jenyjenny

    Hi there, Not wanting to be a pest, but with my machine, a foot that looks similar to that is called a narrow-hemmer foot. The blind-hem foot that came with my machine doesn’t have that little curlicue thingie like the narrow hemmers do and the stitch that it makes looks, on the outside of the hem, kind of like this: l l l l l rather than ——————– . Love that cute skirt fabric. Is the skirt lined or is the reverse side of the fabric plain without the pattern?

    • essieofwho

      Thank you so much to telling me! I’ll look into the narrow hemmer foot. I only have the paper that came with the sewing machine feet kit and searches online to know what the feet are called and how to use them. I didn’t do a lot of online research on this foot so I’ll look into it! The fabric I used is one I designed and had printed on Spoonflower. I had it printed on cotton voile (It’s not available anymore) and then I backed the fabric with red cotton because the fabric is very thin. I love how it turned out!

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