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2016 Orange Tree Blossom

Last week I posted about this year’s peach blossoms. This week’s post will be about the orange tree blossoms.

The blossoms on my orange tree are never as large, attention grabbing, or spectacular looking as the peach tree’s blossoms, but what they lack in looks they make up for in their sent. In previous years, the orange trees did not smell when the blossomed, but this year they did! I like the smell of orange tree blossoms, so to walk outside and smell the trees made me very happy.

Since the orange tree blossoms are not as nice to look at, I only took a few photos of the blossoms. Actually, I only took four.

I keep telling myself that next year I’ll take more photos of the orange tree blossoms, but I never do. Sometimes the blossoms don’t look “perfect” enough to take a photo of them, other times there aren’t enough blossoms to take photos of. Still, I hope next year I’ll take more photos of the orange tree blossoms.

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