#Inktober 2016 Sketches- Week 1

I originally planned this week’s post to be about sewing, but thanks to a cold, I was unable to finish any post about sewing or finish any current sewing projects. Instead, this week’s post will be dedicated to my Inktober sketches!

I heard from an artist friend about Inktober on Instagram and I always wanted to participate. If nobody has heard of Inktober or knows what it is, Inktober is when an artist draws a drawing or sketch every day through the month of October using ink. I’ve seen artists use ink makers while others use a ball point pen.

Although I always wanted to participate in Inktober, I never had the time to do it. This year, I had the time and I wanted to end my many months long break from drawing, I thought it would be a great time to participate!

Anyway, here are the first week’s 6 drawings! I’m currently having phone problems so I cannot get the drawings off my phone yet, so the photos of my sketches in this post are not that great. Still, they’re not terrible so they get posted anyway! 🙂

I did all the drawings with a ballpoint pen on copy/printer paper. The variation of color and clarity depended on how my phone photographed the drawings.

That’s all for now and thank you for reading!

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