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Anna’s Coronation Dress- Appliques Done and Skirt Panels

Everyone, I have some good news! After five or six months of on and off work, I finally finished sewing the appliques onto the skirt panels for Anna’s coronation dress! You can read how I began working on the dress here.

I hated working on the appliques because I overworked my thumb, thus forcing me to not be able to do any hand sewing for at least a week. Next time I do any sort of hand sewing on appliques, I need to create a work schedule to give my hand breaks.

Anyway, here’s what all 10 skirt panels with the appliques sewn on look like…

anna coronation dress skirt 3

Here’s a photo of one of the panels…

anna coronation dress skirt 2

And a close up of the applique…

anna coronation dress skirt 1

Since the appliques are done, it was about time I cut out the other skirt panels. I ended up waiting until the holidays was over until I began cutting the panels. There was too many things happening at that time for me to focus on making Anna’s dress. Plus I was worried I’d loose fabric and the pieces I cut. Actually, I’d say that the worry I’d loose the fabric or pieces I cut was more of a worry than not having the time to focus on making the skirt.

The fabric I decided to use for the other panels of the skirt are satin. One is shinny costume satin and the other is casa satin in the color celery. The color is discontinued so it cannot be purchased at Joann’s anymore. I bought mine almost two years ago and I found it in the clearance section. Since it was a 50% off clearance fabric sale, I bought everything left in the store…

anna coronation dress skirt fabric

The color of the fabric is much brighter than it is in the photo. I’m not sure why, but my camera washed out the color of the fabric. It normally doesn’t do that and if it does, Photoshop can fix it. It didn’t. Oh well.

I’m still using Simplicity’s S0746/1215 to make the skirt. While working on the skirt, I found an instruction error that I hope to address in a future blog post. Since I already figured out how to make the skirt and only used the pattern for the actual patterns, the error in the instructions didn’t cause any sort of problems for me, but it could if anyone else uses the pattern and rely on the instructions to tell them how to make the skirt.

Anyway, I’ve already made progress sewing the panels together, but it’s been slow because my sewing machine is still broken, forcing me to hand sew everything. Even though progress has been slow, I’m still optimistic that I’ll finish the skirt by the end of the month. 🙂

Thank you for reading! That’s all for now!