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The Sewing Machines are Fixed!

I have wonderful news! My sewing machines are fixed! I was planning on taking them to someone to get fixed, but my duty as a caretaker for an ill family member forced me to delay this. Finally, I became so frustrated that I couldn’t sew that I began to look up how to fix sewing machines online in hopes of fixing them whenever I needed to. Both attempts to fix the machines was successful and both can sew straight stitches normally.

Posts like this one do not involve any photos to look at, but just to make things more interesting here is a photo of the machines I fixed…

sewing machines

Both are Singer brand machines. One has more stitches than the other so, right now, I have the machine with less stitches set up with the gathering foot so I can switch between the two without changing the foot so often. I’ve heard of seamstresses with more than one machine doing this, but I never imagined I would have more than one machine allowing me to do this as well!

Well, now that I know I can fix my sewing machines myself, this means I can fix the machines I inherited from my mom. All of them have problems, some I think need a good cleaning, others need more major work done. (Maybe even some parts replaced) I plan to eventually take the bottoms off the machines, see what is wrong, and if I can fix it I will. If it is beyond my very limited knowledge, then I’ll set them aside so I can take them to someone who knows more about fixing machines than I do. None of my mom’s sewing machines have computers, so it’s easier on me to figure out what is wrong with them. 🙂

Anyway, now that my personal sewing machines are fixed I can now start sewing again. I already started on an Easter dress to sell in my Etsy store, but progress has been slow for a verity of reasons. I also have a HUGE pile of personal projects I wanted to work on but couldn’t because I needed sewing machines to make them. One of them is to re enforce some of the seams on Anna’s coronation dress. Some of the seams do not need re enforcement, but I want to re enforce the serge edges of the skirt for my own piece of mind. I also want to remake some of my old costumes because I outgrew so many of them. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to sewing everything, but it will get done eventually!

That’s all for now! I’m still working on my blog posts about Anna’s coronation dress and the pattern I’m using to make it. I hope to get that done by the end of the month. *crosses fingers*

Thank you for reading!