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Sketchbook Saturday- Girl With Tesseract

Wow. I missed last week’s Sketchbook Saturday post by a while week. *sigh* That’s what happens when I’m busy with life.

This week’s sketch isn’t a sketch. It’s really a completed drawing. Colored and everything. Yet for whatever reason, it never made it out of my sketch book until now.

This drawing, called Girl With Tesseract, was made back in 2012 when Marvel’s The Avengers was in theaters. Around that time, I wanted to draw a girl with a bellowing cape and fly-away hair, but I imagined her holding something magical. Since I loved the movie, I added the Tesseract as a place keeper so I can draw her hands holding something and what I wanted her to hold. I ended up liking the Tesseract in the drawing, so I kept it there.

Girl With Tesseract- Markers and colored pencils
Girl With Tesseract- Markers and colored pencils

As much as I like this drawing, I cannot seem to get a good scan of the drawing so it would show it’s full color glory online. The photos I take of the drawing seem to show the colors better than the scans. Huh.

The drawing was done on drawing paper with .7 mechanical pencil and was colored with markers and colored pencils.

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