Sketchbook Saturday- Victorian Striped Lady

Today’s sketch was done when I got some books of historical clothing for research. The book are of clothing in the Albert and Victoria Museum and ranged from the 1600’s though late 1890’s. While looking though the books, I found a dress that reminded me of a candy cane. It was a white dress with pink stripes on it. It’s a very pretty dress, but it’s not something I’d like to wear, even though my favorite color is pink!

I still liked it, so I drew a woman wearing the dress…

Victorian Striped Lady

This drawing is more of a cartoon character than anything else. My art seems to be more like cartoon characters, but it makes sense since I originally wanted to become an animator for Disney. That influenced me and still does to this day. Even though I don’t always want to admit it. XD

The drawing has parts I never finished (Her hands) but I’m leaving it as it. Although there are parts I never finished, I’m calling it finished. I like it as-is. :)

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