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Spoonflower Shop is Now Open!

I’ve been working on this for a while now, but I’ve been creating designs for sale on Spoonflower. And now I’m happy to announce the shop is now open! You can visit it here. I’m very excited about this because I live in an area where I have to travel large distances to go to a fabric store, and the fabric I want may not be in stock or the designs for sale are ones I don’t like. So, now I can have fabric with designs I want delivered to me!

I decided to sell some of the fabric designs I thought looked the best and most “publicly appealing”. I’m still experimenting on the whole what the public likes/doesn’t like and, although I know I’ll never be able to accurately predict public opinion (My entries into art badge competitions are the perfect example of this), hopefully I’m heading in a good direction.

The designs for sale right now are a mixture of drawings and photos I’ve taken. Although my original intention was to talk about the fabric designs in this post, I had trouble talking about everything in one huge post. So, I decided to make individual posts for each fabric design. Expect those in the future. (I’m kind of busy with non-art stuff at this time so the posts may be delayed a few days. :/)

That’s all for now!

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