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Sketchbook Satruday- The Unfinished Elementalist

This post is a day late. Sorry about that! Had a little confusion over scheduling! XD

For today’s Sketcbook Saturday, I decided to talk about a drawing I never finished of the Female Elementalist from the game Granado Espada.

Last year I bought a Granado Espada art book and began to look thought it. I was already in love with one costume in particular from the game and was already working on making one for myself, but after looking thought the art book, I soon fell in love with others. Too many others. So many I began to decided to make even more costumes from the game, some more elaborate and expensive than the one I was already making. I thought this was getting out of hand so I knew I had to do something.

Usually when something like this happens, wanting clothes or things I cannot ever imagine making or buying, I draw them. This usually gets my “I WANT THIS!” out of my system and I start to concentrate on living within my budget again. It was successful and now I don’t want to make any of the costumes sans the on I originally wanted to make (And will need to remake someday soon) and one other. I’ll talk about the other costume later in the post.

Back then my favorite costume from the art book and the one I wanted to make the most was a blue and white dress the Female Elementalist wore. I’m unsure what the name of the dress, probably because the book’s writing is in another language I’m probably never going to learn. Still, it was beautiful. I could picture the skirt being make out of some mirror organza and sewn and decorated to look like stained glass. Yes, the wearer’s legs would show, but the drawing also showed the dress would have shorts so everything would be covered. The top would be made out of cobalt blue velvet and white satin.

I could go on and on about how I pictured the dress would look in real life, but the point is it would be very expensive and hard to make. And I don’t think I’d ever finish it in a reasonable amount of time. (Less than a year) So, I drew the Female Elementalist wearing the dress…


After working on trying to get the details and perspective right of the dress, I began to color it. And then gave up both on the drawing and making the dress. I still think the blue and white dress is one of my favorite costumes from Granado Esparda, but I don’t want to make it unless I have someone helping me make it. It’s too much to tackle on my own. As for the drawing, I want to finish it, but I don’t know when. Although it’s incomplete and not fully colored, I kind of like it the way it is. We’ll see what I do with it.

That’s it for the drawing for today’s Sketchbook Saturday! Before I go, I mentioned I fell in love with a second costume and decided to make it. It is also an Elementalist costume, except it’s different than the one I originally liked…


This was one of the first costumes I saw from Granado Espada and I always loved it. I always thought I looked bad in “warm” colors, like the ones used in this dress, so I never wanted to make one for myself. Recently I’ve grown to like them and think about wearing them. Oddly enough I have everything or know where to get everything for this costume, including a hoop skirt! Since I’m not going to conventions or any sort of “vacation” for some time, I thought it would be a nice project to work on nice and slow with the supplies I have. Plus I kind of miss hand beading… and there’s beading on the dress. 😛 I’m afraid drawing this dress will not get my desire to make it go away! XD

Sorry about letting my costume making high jack this post, but the more I sew the better I become at drawing clothing. So, they are connected! Plus I admire the just the costumes but art from Granado Espada. 🙂

That’s all for now!

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