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Sketch Book Saturday- Random Sketches

Another Saturday, another post in the Sketch Book Saturday series! Today’s sketch is a little odd compared to the sketches featured in the other posts….


The sketches I did are of random things I saw while sitting on the couch, sketching. 🙂

The on on the top of the paper is of a quilt I made a few years ago. It was the first quilt I ever made and after all the problems I had making it, I decided not to make any more quilts unless I really like the person and I know they wouldn’t be picky about receiving a quilt without all the seams perfectly straight. To make a long story short, someone got angry very with me because I didn’t make each and every seam straight with my quilt. Since that was the first quilter besides my mom I encountered, and other quilters I encountered agreed with the way she treated me, that experience pretty much put me off with quilt making. I do want to try quilting again, but not until I find someone who is far more patient with me and my imperfect seams. 🙂

The second sketch is of something I was eating. I forgot the name of the food, but I do remember it was a desert, it was red raspberry flavored, and it looked terrible but tasted wonderful. 🙂

The last sketch is of one of my dog Brownie’s blankets. Since Brownie is the princess of the house, she gets plenty of nice things. She doesn’t get fancy collars and stuff like that, but she does get soft blankets. She loves soft blankets so she has about five or six of them on her bed. They’re mostly rolled up into a pile so she can use them as pillows, but some are stretched out and she uses as blankets. The sketch I did is of her pink faux fur blanket, which is by far her favorite. 🙂

That’s all for today!

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