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30 Day Art Challenge- Days 1 and 2

On January 1st, I decided to do a 30 day art challenge to improve my drawing skills. I’m planning on focusing my efforts on drawing digitally in Gimp with my Bamboo Wacom tablet because I’m not as experienced nor am I comfortable drawing digitally. I’m more comfortable drawing with paper and pencil so the goal of the 30 days is to get used to just get really used to drawing digitally.

I don’t plan on making a lot of masterpieces during this challenge, in fact I’d be very surprised if I draw more than one picture that I’m proud of, so my expectations of my drawings is pretty low. The best part about my low expectations is that I can constantly surprise myself with the outcome of the drawings, which so far have been turning out better than I anticipated.

Clicking on the drawings will take you to the deviantART pages for each drawing.

Since today is January 2, I’m going to post the drawings I drew on Jan. 1 and 2.

This is day one’s drawing. I wanted to draw something simple for day one so I drew the figure I can draw the best, a woman. Here’s the sketch…

I based her off my hair and the way it looked that day. I didn’t want to color it because I liked the way it looked, black and white except for the eyes, which are green colored.

And here’s day two’s drawing. I wanted to try something more complicated, but not completely out of my comfort zone. It’s been a while since I drew a woman wearing a hat, so I thought that would be the best subject for me to draw….

I tired to make her have some sort of Victorian-like influences in her clothing, but she ended up looking like she’s going to church for Easter. I like how she turned out, even though she’s not something that I’d like to make a print. I was also very surprised how easy it was for me to color the roses on her hat. I used the air brush tool to add the different colors on the roses and I like how soft the shading is, even though it’s more sloppy than what I’d like it to look like.

I’m going to try to keep this blog updated with each new drawing, but since I usually end up on deviantART more than WordPress the drawings might be posted on DA before here. If that happens I plan on making more posts like this one, combining more than one day’s drawing in one post. That way I won’t spam you with lots and lots of drawings. 😉

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