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Remakeing the Fable 3 Bodice

A few months ago, I finished the bodice for my Elegant Princess Suit from the video game Fable 3. About a week ago, I looked at the bodice again, how I made it, how it fits, and what I need to fix on it. After trying it on and analyzing how it fits me, I decided to remake the whole entire thing. I originally wanted to just fix the parts I didn’t like, but since I’ve grown (In height and sewing skills) so much since I made the bodice, I thought it would be better if I just remade the whole entire thing.

I’m planning on using parts of the old bodice in the new and improved one. I’m not sure how many parts I can use in the new bodice, but I’ve worked too hard on specific parts of the bodice to just throw it away and remake all of it.

In addition to this, I found some pictures from the Fable wiki that will help me a great deal in making the new bodice. I had a hard time finding good pictures of the bodice (especially the back) so I ended up inventing a back for the costume.

The only really good photo I found of the costume was from the Fable 3 strategy book. It was great because it showed the front clearly, but not the back….


But the pictures I found show the front and the back….



So, this helps me a great deal. I also decided to ignore the crown and make a hair bow out of the blue silk I used on the rest of the costume. I had so much trouble making the crown that I don’t want to try again. Since I saw some pictures from the game show the Hero of Brightwall wearing a bow in her hair, I thought that would be a better option for me.

I was planning on attending Taiyou Con 2013 and wearing this costume there, but since I’m remaking the whole entire bodice I don’t know if I’ll get it done in time. I don’t want to rush myself in making it, so if I might end up not wearing it to Taiyou.

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