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Valkyrie Progress

A while ago I talked about planning on making a Valkyrie costume similar to the ones seen in the movie Thor. Well, it looks like I will be making this costume and wearing it to the Arizona Renaissance Festival in 2013. For this reason, I’ll post some photos that show what I’m working on/planning to make…..

This is the green, crushed velvet dress I want to use as the base of the whole costume. I made it in 2010 when I didn’t know how to sew costumes very well so there were mistakes in it. Now that I’m way more advanced in sewing and costuming than I used to be, I fixed the mistakes, took in the sides, and made the front of the skirt open instead of closed. I didn’t cut the fabric, I just ripped the seams and took the extra fabric and sewed it onto the skirt so there would be an opening in the front….

So, that’s what the base of the costume will look like. Because I ‘m still planning and trying to decided what I want the rest of the costume to look like, I drew many pictures in order to decided what I like and don’t like in the costume. The following drawing is how I want the costume to look like right now…

The top is supposed to be a styled breastplate that is really a halter top. I wanted a halter top like that for many years now, but I couldn’t find any like it for sale. I finally gave up and decided to make one for myself.

The leggings I drew that go with the rest of the costume is a pair of leggings I already own but haven’t gotten the chance to wear. I plan on wearing them before the Renaissance Festival, but I want to wear them with the rest of this costume. ^_^

So, that’s about it for now with the Valkyrie progress. Hopefully I’ll get to start making everything soon so I don’t have to scramble the night before the festival like I did last year. 🙂

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