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2022 Self Portrait Sketches

Hi everyone! Last year, I decided I would like to update my profile picture. For many years, my profile picture is a self portrait of myself. I wanted to continue the tradition by drawing a new one. My plan was to draw myself with the same style hair and clothes I always draw myself wearing.

Here is what the sketches look like…



I like the way they turned out. The only thing is I didn’t draw them with “me” looking forward. I want my profile pictures to show me looking forward, towards the viewer. These do not show me looking towards the viewer.

Originally, I planed on using these sketches as warm up sketches before I began drawing the final self portrait. While sketching, I had to stop before I could start drawing the final self portrait. After that, I forgot about the sketches, or that I even wanted to update my profile picture, until I found them in my sketch book.

I really like the dress I draw myself wearing and my hair style. This hair style is the way I like to style my natural hair. Over the years, I began to loose the thickness of my hair (I had this problem since I was a girl) so it’s thin. I own wigs to help me look more “put together” if I don’t feel confident with my natural hair. This is why I’m also considering drawing myself with one of my favorite wig hairstyles as a self portrait.

Updating my self portrait is not really important. Still, I play with the idea, as well as changing the way I look in the picture. I don’t think it’s a good idea to change my look too much because I used it for so many years. It may be hard to get used to a new version of “me” online! None the less, I am considering drawing a second profile picture for my second blog, The Estella Initiative. It is a lifestyle blog and I don’t post photographs of myself on there. The blog will be six years old this June and it’s about time I give myself a self portrait on there! This could give me a reason to draw myself with my favorite wig style and use it as a profile picture! A self portrait is long overdue, so it’s time to do something over there! Maybe this is what I should do?

There are a lot of things I can do if I really think about it. The only problem is time. It is a busy time at my day job so I don’t know if I’ll have time to sit down and do random sketches of myself for a profile picture. I hope I will, but I am hesitant to say online if it will happen soon.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!