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A Few Craft Projects I’m Working on Right Now

Hi everyone! Writing posts about things I make is something I really enjoy doing. Yet, there are many things I work on but never talk about online. I usually do this because I don’t really like to talk about everything I do online. I also do this because I don’t always enjoy the way everything I make turns out and want to keep it online. Despite this, I sometimes work on things and feel very proud of them enough to talk about them online.

Right now, I have several craft projects I’m working on but never mentioned online. After working on them, I feel very happy with the way they are turning out. So, I decided to dedicate this post to talking about these projects. They range in topics, but overall I am happy with the way they are turning out.

Christmas Tree Farm Sign

I found a DIY wood Christmas tree farm sign for sale at a Michael’s Craft store. I really liked the design of it, so I purchased it to paint.

So far the painting hasn’t gone as I planned, but it isn’t really bad either. I had major second thoughts about staining the wood on the back of the sign and the frame as well as the color of green I decided to paint the background of the sign. After setting it aside several times, I really like the way it turned out!

Right now the sign has been set aside. I want to paint the inner edge of the sign’s frame gold, but I need a metallic gold pen to do it. I couldn’t find one in store, so I decided to purchase one online. As of this post, I’m still waiting for it to arrive in the mail.


Gingerbread House Shaped Christmas Countdown Calendar

I purchased a gingerbread house shaped Christmas countdown calendar around two years ago. (I forgot when I actually purchased it) I didn’t work on it for years due to the amount of prep work it required before painting. Sadly, the house’s roof wasn’t very strong, causing pieces to easily break off. I didn’t notice that at the store when I purchased it, but I did notice it when I brought it home!

Since the beginning of January, I have worked on it on and off. I fixed the broken roof pieces, strengthened the roof with small pieces of wood so it won’t break easily anymore, tried to smooth the gaps and other issues left after I fixed the roof, and then I began to paint it.

Right now, I nearly completed painting the whole entire house. It is very tedious and difficult due to the details on the house, but it almost done. I am currently repainting small details that I got paint onto while painting other parts of the house. After this is done, I plan on sealing the paint with a clear matte sealer. Once that is done, the next plan is to add glitter “snow” using Modge Podge and glitter. Knowing me, and how many breaks I take from working on it, it will probably take me a few more months to finish.


Unfinished Wood Couch Feet

My couch needs new feet. After searching Amazon for new couch feet, I finally decided to buy unfinished wood feet. It’s cheeper to buy the feet finished, but I didn’t like the shapes of the finished couch feet nor did I like their height. The unfinished feet are the right height and style for what I wanted for the couch.

As of this post, I already stained the feet. Next, I will need to apply a sealant onto the feet and find some felt for the bottom of the feet. I my change my mind about the felt for the bottom of the feet, but I need to do more research before I make a final decision. I am also very happy with the feet I purchased. They are made out of very high quality wood (I expected them to be made out of much softer wood) and came with plenty of supplies to attach them to different types of couches. I’m so glad I went with the unfinished wood feet, even if they require extra work to turn them into “finished” feet!


Louis Vuitton Trunk Inspired Wood Box

I wanted a Louis Vuitton (LV) trunk since I was a child. Back then, I wanted to own certain luxury brand items and a LV trunk was one of them. I didn’t care if it was an antique or brand new. I just wanted one. Today, I still would like a real one to decorate my home with, but the price of many of them are too high for me right now. Also, I don’t have the room for them. After thinking about this, I decided to purchase a small wood box with similar style points on it and paint it with the LV monogram.

I found two boxes at Walmart that looked similar enough for my linking. I stained one of them to be the color of the monogram canvas background, marked the LV monogram on it, and then stopped. I wanted to paint the monogram with a paint brush and paint, but the monogram turned out to be too small to paint with any of my brushes. After some thought, I decided to use an acrylic pen to paint the monogram onto the wood. Right now I’m searching for the right colored pen with the right type of tip to use for the monogram. After I find the pen and finish painting the monogram, I will be sealing the box with a clear coat. Then I’ll need to look into doing something about the interior of the box. I was so focused on trying to figure out how to get the monogram on the box I didn’t pay attention to how I wanted the interior to look like!

Once the box is completely finished, I’ll need to repeat everything over again on the second box. I’m not going to think about that for a while though.


Well, that’s all for now! That’s all for now!

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