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Simplicity S8926 Finished Pants

Hi everyone! Even though I started talking about my plans to make Simplicity’s pattern S8926 in a post last week, I started working on the clothes long before the post published. Because of this, I can announce I finished not only one but both pairs of the pants from the pattern!

I made both pairs of the pants out of black flannel. I intended on making them to use them as pajama bottoms. They worked out well and, even though I had to tweet a part of the pattern and another confused me, I am very happy with the way both turned out.

This is what one of the pants looks like finished…

The pants I photographed is view E and is the shortest pants the pattern makes. I also made view D, which is the longest pant length, but I didn’t photograph them. I didn’t have the room to photograph both, so I only took pictures of the view E pants.

I really liked these pants! They are roomy and comfortable to wear. The pattern was easy to assemble, but it was harder than easy to sew pant patterns. The pants have pockets, which are included in the pattern. The pattern also calls for an elastic waistband and cord in the waistband that is tied to keep the pants on. I decided not to use a tie waistband and used the elastic waistband only.

Even though the pattern is a nice pattern, I do have a few complaints about it. The first complaint I have is the pockets. I don’t know if I made a mistake while sewing, but the pockets on my pants didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. The pocket opening is more open that I’d like it to be even though I did what the pattern instructions said to. It’s not a serious problem. After all, it can be fixed by sewing parts of the pocket opening closed to make a smaller pocket opening. It was just a nuisance to discover it.

The second complaint I have about this pattern is the waistband. In fact, the waistband is the one stand out complaint I have about the pants. The waistband is not cut in one piece, but in two. After cutting out the pieces, the two pieces are sewn together on one side to create the waistband for the pants. Usually a waistband is cut out of one piece of fabric. Even though I didn’t like the way the waistband should be cut, I did it anyway to see what was going on in the pattern. If I didn’t like it, then I’d cut out another piece of fabric and make the waistband the way I’m used to. So far, the waistbands are doing fine and there isn’t anything wrong with them. Even though the waistband isn’t a normal waistband, I still believe it will work just fine.

Well, that’s all for now! I will be talking about the top and dress in a different post. As of the writing of this post, they are still currently works in progress. Thank you for reading!

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