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Thoughts on Buying an iPad for Art Purposes

Hi everyone! For quite some time, I wanted to talk online about my thoughts on art and other art related topics. I always decided against it due to three main reasons: My desire to do more research, lack of confidence in knowledge in the area I want to talk about, and I just didn’t want to talk about art at that time. Now that things are calming down in my offline life (At least, that’s what it seems like), I wanted to write a few posts about my thoughts on certain artistic topics.

In this post, I want to talk about my options about buying an iPad. I wanted to buy an iPad for some time, but I never got around to it. After buying a MacBook Pro as my main laptop computer earlier this year, I wondered if I would like to own other Apple products. Before owning the MacBook, I own two iPhones. I loved both iPhones and am very happy I purchased them. After my success and satisfaction owning two different Apple products, I decided to see if there was something else I could own to help me in my work and in life in general.

This is why I considered buying an iPad. I don’t need an iPad for work (Well, not right now at least), but I think it will come in handy for my work in the future. Until that time comes, I had another plan for the iPad: as an artist’s tablet.

I heard about using an iPad for art, but I never wanted to own an iPad just to make art unless it was my full time job. It is one of my major sources of income, so it will be a use to me. Still, I don’t feel comfortable buying one unless I can use it for other things. The price point of it was so high before inflation, so I don’t feel comfortable buying such a high ticketed item just to create art on. Also, I prefer art tablets for digital art. To me, buying an iPad instead of a tablet means I will have yet-another-computer to take care of.

Despite this, I can see many perks of owning an iPad. One of these perks is that I now have an iPad to use instead of my computer. That way, I don’t need to drag my computer with me wherever I need a computer. This makes owning an iPad very tempting to me! Also, when my work needs me to be more mobile, I can use an iPad I already own for work. No need to rush to the store and buy one!

The main reason why the desire, and question, to buy an iPad is surfacing now is due to Black Friday sales. I saw iPads go on sale recently on Target’s website, which peaked my interest in owning one again. What will probably happen is if I find an iPad with a large memory (More than 64 GB) I will buy it. I don’t care about owning an iPad Pro. I just want one with a large enough screen to do my art on and use for work. I already found a few candidates that fit my requirements on different store websites. All I’m doing now is waiting to see if the price drops enough for me to justify purchasing one.

Even though I am more serious than I ever thought I would be in owning an iPad, I still want to eventually own a touch screen artist pad. These pads are not cheep (Nothing that is touch screen is cheep) yet I still want to own one for use on my MacBook and other desktop computers. That’s yet another thing I am on the hunt for. Especially since Black Friday deals pop up randomly.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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