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Computer Update- March 2022

Hi everyone! I thought I should write an update post about my new computer. It arrived safely, but a few things happened in February that caused me to delay opening the package and use it. Among these things is my relative became very ill. My relative is doing well, but it did scare me badly because of the Covid-19/Corona Virus. Since my relative was so ill, I had to delay opening and set up my new computer until the very last day of February.

Even though it took me so long to get my computer up and running, I wanted to give an update about how my new computer is doing right now as well as my plans for new posts on this blog. 

So far, I’m very happy with my new computer! It is fast, especially compared to my old computer, really easy to use, and I enjoy using it. It is a Mac book, which is very different than my old Microsoft PC laptop computer. Despite the fact I am not use to a Mac, I really like the way the 2022 software works. It has enough similarities to a PC that makes it easier for me to figure out how to use it without becoming too frustrated by it. 

Now that I use both a PC and a Mac, the PC being my work desktop and Mac being my laptop computer, I’m interested in how similar and different they truly are from each other. The only problem is that, as of this post, I have not finished setting my new laptop up enough for me to do all the work I need to do on it. I’ll talk more about what I needed to do to my computer to set it up and more in a future post.

Unfortunately, since I was so busy and it took me this long to set up my computer, I will not be posting any new YouTube videos and potentially new posts. It makes me sad to be so slow in uploading and publishing new content online, but I want to take my time to get used to the new computer instead of rush into using it and make mistakes.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading and being patient as I get used to the new computer!