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New Computer is Here! What it is, Why I Purchased it, and What I Think of It

Hi everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I started using my new computer. When I purchased the computer, I wanted to write a post about what kind of computer it is, why I purchased the computer I did, and what I think of it so far. Even though I was excited to own it, I had to take my time learning how to work it because it is so different from my previous laptop computer. Since I had to take my time to learn how to use it, I had to postpone writing and posting this post until I felt comfortable with my computer to write about it.

First, I want to talk about what type of computer I purchased and why I purchased it.

The computer is a 2021 MacBook Pro. I still can’t believe I purchased a MacBook Pro. I wanted one, but I didn’t want it to be my main computer. Unfortunately, my PC laptop was on it’s last legs and it couldn’t be fixed. I wanted to replace it in March 2020, then the Covid-19 pandemic caused schools to close. Since there were so many children at home needing a computer, all the computers in the configuration I wanted sold out. So, I used my laptop until I had enough.

I wanted to replace my PC laptop with another PC laptop, but the only new laptops I could find didn’t have enough memory and computing power to edit photographs and video. The ones that did are refurbished. I have no problems purchasing a refurbished computer, but I was wary of the stores that sold them. So, I finally broke down and purchased a MacBook Pro.

Purchasing a MacBook Pro is not something I wanted to do. It’s quite expensive and I wanted to avoid purchasing one unless I was desperate. Unfortunately, I became desperate. So, in order to purchase a computer from a store that I trusted with the memory and computing power I wanted and need, I purchased a MacBook Pro.

To be honest, I like Mac and I like PCs. I used like to use them interchangeably for work, but that was years ago. Since then I became completely used to PCs only. When I began to use my new Mac laptop, I began to struggle figuring out how to use it. The key board responds differently than any PC laptop I used. The touch pad on the computer works weird as well. (I already knew it would do this, so I made sure to change the settings of it as soon as I could.) I’m still trying to figure out how to edit video and how to install my photo editing software onto my computer.

So, I’m struggling to adapt to the way my new computer works. Despite this, I’m happy with it. I know it’s a really good quality computer and has a great memory. It responds well to my commands (If I know what buttons to push and what to click!) and it works fathoms better than my old computer. I do miss my old PC laptop and I will need to seriously consider purchasing a PC in the future (For work purposes), but I’m happy with my new computer. It will work great for me and what I need it to do. (Including work) Using it will buy me some time to save up to purchase a new PC. (This PC will probably not be a laptop. Instead, I think I will be getting a desktop, but I’ll need to see what’s available and how much it will cost me to purchase.)

Well, that’s all of now! Thank you for reading!