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Where I’ve Been… And Why I Haven’t Posted Much Lately

If you are following me on this blog, Essie of Who (EOW), and on it’s sister blog, The Estella Initiative (TEI), then you probably noticed that I’m posting more on TEI than here. After remaining quiet on this blog, I felt enough time passed that I probably should sit down and write some sort of a life update or at least mention why I haven’t posted much lately.

The honest truth is that I’ve been busy. My day job has occupied my time and mental focus for months. I’ve been stressed out about it, and other things in my life including my health, so whenever I have an opportunity to have time off, I usually work on my health (Make myself healthy meals and freeze them, clean my area more thoroughly, ect.) or I’m resting because I’m exhausted from working so much. Since I’m so focused on doing other things, I neglected this blog and my sewing, art, and photography projects.

Unlike this blog, TEI is still active and can see new posts regularly. TEI is a blog that I can talk about my opinions on beauty, fashion, and anything else I can think of instead of the necessity of creating something to talk about. Since I can continually think of new blog post topics, I can write posts on it faster than I can here on EOW. This kept the blog far more active than this one. Even though I’m putting a lot of effort into TEI, I still don’t want to forget this blog or let it sit unattended. I miss sewing, drawing, and taking photographs and want to talk about everything I made… as soon as I finish making something!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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