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#Inktober 2016 Last Sketches

It’s the last full week of November and I realized I didn’t make a post about the last sketches I did for Inktober! (In my defense, I was very busy this past month) For the previous posts about my Inktober sketches, you can find week one here and week two here.

I mentioned in my previous Inkober posts that I caught a cold and didn’t feel like keeping up drawing every day. Near the end of October, I became tired of drawing everyday and stopped drawing all the Inktober sketches. I did draw a few more sketches before I quit, but I don’t have 31 sketches drawn in October.

Here are the last remaining drawings I did for Inktober 2016….

Yes, BB8 is one of my sketches. I debated if I should draw him, but I was running out of ideas at that time so I did. Plus, I have a coin bank of BB8 so sketching a still life was easier than I thought. XD

That’s all I have for my 2016 Inktober sketches! I wish I did a sketch each day of the 31 days of October, but life happens. Thank you for reading!