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My Current Sewing Clothing Plans for 2021- Style of Clothes, Fit, Ect.

Years ago, I used to talk about how my dress size and weight affected the fit of any clothes I made myself. It’s been a while since I talked about this and, since I’m getting back into sewing myself clothes, I wanted to talk about the kind of sewing patterns and clothing styles I’m currently looking for and decided to make myself this year.

For the past few years, I struggled with loose skin after a lengthy illness. Even though I’m quite fit, the loose skin was cause by the illness and took time to heal. My skin is healing very nicely, but it’s been slow and a struggle to live with. Since my skin caused me so many problems, I decided to wear looser fitting clothes in order to make myself feel more comfortable. It worked great, but this year my skin has healed enough to show my body shape and muscles again. This is why I would like to buy or make myself new clothes that are more fitted, but are still comfortable to wear.

After shopping for the past few months, I realized the fashion trends don’t offer that many options. Currently, boxy cut shirts are in fashion, but I wanted a different option in clothes.

I thought a great deal about this, but it wasn’t easy to figure out what kind of clothes I want to wear. It’s been over ten years since I got sick and my fashion tastes are still stuck in the mid to late 2000’s. Fortunately, some of the clothes from that time are back in style, but I still wanted to figure out how to update them. After I gave up, I had an idea: Draw some sketches of outfits I would like to wear!

This helped me immensely because I usually shop for clothes in one store and the coordinating piece at another. I also began to take photographs of outfits I like on store mannequins and clothes on hangers when I go shopping. From that, I began to piece together an idea of what kind of clothes I should buy or sew. For the most part, I decided to sew many of my clothes myself. This not only helps me improve my clothing sewing skills, but also lets me pick a fabric with a higher thread count.

Here are what I’m looking for in sewing patterns…

  1. Sleeves that cover my biceps. I still have loose skin and stretch marks there, so I could like to hide them until my skin heals.
  2. No cap sleeves or sleeves that end at the same area as my bust. I have a large looking bust because of loose skin under my arms. Having these types of sleeves make my bust look even bigger than it is… and I hate it. I’m looking for longer sleeves to balance my shape out, such as bishop sleeves.
  3. A flattering cut or style around my tummy area. I have a lot of loose skin there, but my natural pear/hourglass shape (Not sure which one I am) is starting to show when someone looks at me from the front.
  4. Dresses that are in a cut that is flattering for hourglass shapes. I used to hate the way I looked in anything that is not suitable for hourglass shapes, especially dresses. I’m not looking for a body con dress or to look like Kim Kardashian. I just want to look balanced and put together without looking super sexy.
  5. Shorts that have a high waist and loose fitting hips and legs. I may not look as nice as an Instagram model, but I need the loose fit to compensate for my loose skin around my hips and thighs. I also don’t want to be swimming in fabric and paper bag shorts (and skirts) are exactly what I’m looking for.
  6. I am seriously considering loose fitting crop tops to match the high waist shorts and shirts. If my idea is accurate, the waistband of the shorts and the bottom of the crop shirt will hit at or very close to my waist. This will probably be a flattering look on me.

I already own sewing patterns that make clothes in the style I want my clothes to be in. There are also new patterns from Simplicity and McCall’s that I would like to own that are more in style. I also have fabric that I can use to make my clothes with.

I’m very excited to start sewing and update this blog with what I make, progress, and the finished products!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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