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Florence, Arizona Home Tour- February 2018- Part 4

Down the street from my previous stop on the home tour was my next stop: Assumption of the Virgin Mary Catholic Church. It is always on the home tour and I couldn’t wait to go inside. It’s been many years since I went inside the church and I was curious to see how it looks.The church was stop 10 on the historic tour…

This is what the sanctuary of the church looks like…


It looks the same and yet so different compared to what it looked like the last time I was in the church. The mural on the back wall is the same. So is other parts of the sanctuary, but the floor is wood now. The floor was always wood, but to prevent echoing in the church, carpet was installed in the church. Between the last time I was inside the church and the home tour the carpet was taken out and the wood floors was restored.

Before I left the church, I took a photograph of the area where parishioners would light a candle and pray…

Back in the day, a table would be nearby this area with church bulletins, pamphlets, and other important information could be found. There wasn’t church bulletins available that day, which made me sad because I hoped to pick one up just to learn about what’s going on in the church at that time.

After leaving the church, there was a banner advertising the 6th annual Assumption Parish Festival that happened the same day as the home tour.

In case you’re wondering, yes they did have margaritas, beer, and wine there. Alcohol serving and drinkings was confined to a certain area of the festival.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!