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February 2018 Classic Car Show Photographs- Florence, Arizona

Hi everyone! I’m currently sharing all the old photographs I never got around to posting, so, I decided to share a photography post that I’ve been saving for over a year and a half.

On February 17, 2018, I went to a classic car show in Florence, Arizona. Despite not being a car fan, I wanted to go to a classic car show for about a year, but I always missed the shows. Since I was in the area at that time, I decided to go and see what the show was like.

I was very impressed with how many cars were on display at the show. There was over 100 entrants with cars that ranged from the very late 1920’s to the mid 2010’s. There were also prizes for the entrants, but there wasn’t a big ceremony and an announcement of who won what award so I didn’t know who won what award. A few of the car’s owners put their award plaques in the front windows or seats, but other than than I didn’t know who won what award.

Overall, I had fun going to the car show and looking at all the cars. I hope I can go to more car shows in the future!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!