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12 Days of Christmas Sewing Progress: Sew Simple Handmade Holiday Table Runner Kit Part 2

Hi everyone! In my last 12 Days of Christmas Sewing Progress, I talked about my first project: Combining two table runner kits into two different table runners with longer length. At this point, I sewed the two top panels of the table runners together.

Here is what the first table runner looks like…

The fabric is plaid Christmas trees with a white background. This fabric is the original fabric for the top (Or fashion fabric) of the table runner. Since I wanted a longer table runner, I two the two panels and sew them together. I decided to flip the panels so the white plaid trees closest to the middle joining seam are in an opposite direction. I liked the way it looks like more than the two trees in the same direction.

As for the second table runner top, here is what it looks like…

The second table runner is the panels for the back of the table runner. I liked the way the fabric looked like, so I decided to make it the top of a second table runner.

This fabric was tricky to sew together because, not only is it a plaid design, but the plaid design does not match up evenly. Because of this, the middle seam is not book matched and symmetrical like I wanted it to be.

Even though it’s not perfect, I like how the design looks imperfect on purpose. The photographs do not do the design justice because all I have are screen captures of this part of the construction process, but I hope the way the fabric looks like is still clear enough to be seen.

Although I’m happy with the way the top panels for both table runners look like, what isn’t shown in the photographs are the ends of the top fabric. Not only did the kits came with panels for the top and back of the table runner, but also a panel for the binding. I liked the way the binding fabric looks like, so I decided to add a over ten inch long panel it to the ends of the top panels. I could use the binding fabric like this because the binding fabric was printed in panels like the top and backing fabrics and without lines to cut the fabric into strips.

After sewing the binding fabric on the ends, I like how the binding fabric complements the tops of the table runners. I wish I had a photograph of the table runner ends because it’s hard to describe in writing what it looks like!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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