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August 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

Hi everyone! This year I decided to try bullet journaling. I’m unsure how much I’ll like bullet journaling, if I’ll keep it up next coming year, or if I’ll give up and just draw layouts for fun , but I want to at least give it a try. I started bullet journaling in August 2018 with a layout I thought would work, but it didn’t.

My original idea was to make a bullet journal to keep track of my art, sewing, and photography projects. At first I thought this would work well for me and will help me be productive, but my day job can become very crazy at times and distracts me from doing anything artistic for myself. Because of this, bullet journaling seems to not fit into my life very well and I need a normal planner to keep track of everything I do instead. Also, I didn’t like my layout. It fit what I thought I would need at the beginning of the month, but by the end of the month I barely touched it since I drew it. I’m currently trying to figure out how to make a layout I can use and is flexible for the changes that sometimes happen in my life and in my day job.

Even though I didn’t use my layout for August 2018, I wanted to share photos of it anyway because I thought it turned out pretty nice for a first try…

In addition to the photographs of the layout, I also recorded a draw with me video of how I created the layouts…

I still think the layout looks nice, but I enjoyed creating the layout more than actually using it. This makes me wonder if I’ll just keep making layouts for fun instead of keeping a bullet journal and using it. I’m giving myself until the end of September to decide what I want to do.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!