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2018 Peach Tree Blossoms- Black and White

Hi everyone! Earlier this week, I shared the photos I took of the blossoms on peach tree near my house. For today’s post, I wanted to share the black and white version of all the blossom photos I took.

I used Photoshop Element’s black and white converter to turn all the photos into black and white.

Even though I’m happy with the way the photos turned out, I did have trouble converting the photos. I don’t remember having so much trouble converting last year’s photos, but I did this year. I believe the problem is because the peach trees blossomed so late, the blossoms are not as photogenic as the ones last year.

Also, the leaves on the trees caused me some difficulty when I converted the photos to black and white. I couldn’t avoid the leaves on the trees while taking photos because the leaves grew back at the same time the blossoms arrived. It doesn’t look bad in the colored photographs, but when I converted the photographs to black and white, the leaves are so dark compared to the blossoms Photoshop washed out the blossoms and made the leaves the dominant focus of the photograph. I was able to work around it, but it was hard.

Well, that’s all I have to talk about for now! Thank you for reading!