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What Happened to My Peach Tree Blossoms? Where They Went and Why I Won’t Be Taking Them Anymore

For many years, I wrote posts about peach tree blossoms. In those posts, I would always have plenty of photographs of the blossoms. According to this blog’s statistics and any social media platform I post the photographs on, they don’t perform well. I never understood why because the blossoms are a beautiful pink flower. So, instead of posting only what people want to see, I would post these photographs just because I enjoy taking them and remembering that year’s beautiful blossoms. This year, I won’t be taking photographs of the trees or posting any new photographs of these blossoms.

So, why did I decide to no longer post photographs that brought me such joy for so many years? Because the trees have died.

I don’t know what exactly when wrong with the trees. The trees, which are located at one of my relative’s home, have been around for almost twenty years. Despite this, they struggled for the past five or so years. I believe a fungus may have caused their demise, but I’m not completely sure. The trees were fine last year, but this year they never bloomed or grew leaves back. So, I think it’s safe to say they’re gone.

Of course, this makes me sad. I really liked seeing the blossoms every year and photographing them. I’m also sad about the loss of the delicious peaches the trees produced. They always tasted better than ones in the store! I always hopped one day I would be able to own my own peach tree (Or trees), but I never seriously considered it.

I don’t have the ability to grow a peach tree at this time, but I researching more about peach trees. That way once I get the chance to plan one of my own, I’ll know how to take care of it better than I currently do!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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