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New Fabric Design- Heart Damask 3 Pastel Colors

Hi everyone! Continuing this and next week’s post theme, I wanted to talk about a new Spoonflower design, Heart Damask 3 in pastel colors.

Heart Damask is a design I created earlier this year and I already talked about it in a previous post here and here. Even though I liked it and the color ways I made it, I decided to make a the design in a lighter, more pastel colored colorways.

These designs use the design I call Heart Damask 3. In my previous posts about the Heart Damask design, I talked about creating variations of the original design, called Heart Damask 1. I do not think I’ll make a color variation of Heart Damask 1 or Heart Damask 2, but I might in the distant future.

Here are the links to the Spoonflower design links…

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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