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Rose Tyler Pencil Drawing

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I over stressed my thumb from hand sewing too much. After a week’s rest, my thumb began to feel better and I began to draw and color drawings I never finished.

One of the original drawings I did was of Rose Tyler from Doctor Who.

rose tyler pencil drawing

I didn’t try to make the drawing look exactly like Billie Piper, but more of what I hope a cartoon version of Doctor Who would make her look like. I still remember the two animation movies of the 10th Doctor and how the animation… well… left something to be desired. (Ok, I admit it. It was bad.) If the BBC makes another animated movie/TV show/ect. of Doctor Who I hope they do a better job of animating and creating the characters.

All ranting about the Doctor Who animations aside, I’m pleased with how the drawing turned out. Especially since the drawing was sketched, lines finished, and colored in an hour. (Maybe an hour and fifteen minutes, but it was fast for me.)

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