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Cinderella Art Nouveau Poster

I haven’t been able to make as many original blog posts I’d like to online because of personal problems. I’ve talked about it a little on Tumblr, but besides that I haven’t mentioned it anywhere else. I don’t want to talk about what happened until everything related to it clears up and since that hasn’t happened yet, I’m not talking about it. Anyway, the personal problems caused me to miss Taiyou Con a week or so ago and jeopardized attending the Arizona Renaissance Festival this year. I’m not happy about it and I’ve been successfully distracting myself by sewing. A lot. Since I’ve been sewing so much, I haven’t been painting a lot. I hope to get around to painting and drawing in February, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Before my personal problems arose, I finished a fan art painting I started back in December. I indented on entering into a contest held by the art nouveau club on DA, but I got sick with the flu so I couldn’t finish it in time. (Why is it that every time I want to do something good something bad happens and I can’t do it?! UGH!) The theme of the contest was to create a movie poster in an art nouveau style.

I ended up choosing the live action movie Cinderella. It has yet to come out in theaters, but after watching the trailer I want to see it. I had so many plans for the painting, but of course, they didn’t turn out the way I wanted them, I changed my mind, and so on. I’m still pleased with how the painting turned out!

Here she is…

cinderella art nouveau poster

Forgive the small size of the file. I can’t find the larger size right now.

I painted it in Photoshop with a transparent background. I’m beginning to enjoy using transparent backgrounds. They’re so useful when you want to layer paintings and add backgrounds! The background picture is a photo of a sunset I took. I didn’t like the way the background I was painting looked so I found a sunset photo I took and used that instead. You can see a desert plant in the background on the right side of the painting. XD The lettering was based off art nouveau style lettering I found while searching online, but I changed it so I could free hand write what I wanted the poster to say.

That’s all I have to say about the poster, besides I’m still happy with how it turned out! And you can find it on Tumblr here and on DeviantART here. As for future post, I don’t have much to talk about at this time. I’m still working on making things for my Etsy store (I’ll list them after my vacation is over in March) and plenty of things for the Renaissance Festival. I’m still not sure if I’ll be going this year, but until I can officially say I’m not going, I’m going to act like I am. And that means my costumes for the festival need to be finished! I have many what I think are frivolous ideas to blog about, but then again someone might find it interesting so who knows. Just depends on if I feel like posting about it in the future. 😛

Thank you for reading!

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