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Frozen Fan Art Dump

During one of the weekends when the seasonal monsoon storms in Arizona, the wind was so rough it knocked out the power. It was during the day so I had light to sit and draw instead of doing my real work on the computer. I wanted to draw some Frozen fan art, but I never felt like it or the art I drew looked bla in my eyes. Recently I’ve been practicing drawing/painting without concern of perfection so I decided to draw pictures of the Frozen characters without worrying about getting every detail right. After I completed the drawings, I’m extremely pleased with how they came out! I need to start doing this more! XD

Anyway, here’s the pictures…


Anna of Arendelle.


Elsa in her snow queen dress/outfit.


Hans of the Southern Isles.



queen elsa

Coronation Elsa.

Although I’m very pleased with the drawings, especially Anna’s, I think there is still room for improvement on Hans and defiantly Kristoff. I’m not very experienced in drawing men so the fact I was able to draw men and making them look like men makes me happy. I do wish I drew Kristoff a little larger in the shoulders. He’s not a thin man. He is a strong man with muscles. And I wish I drew him with more, well, muscles. 😛

All the drawings were done on drawing paper with a mechanical pencil that I scanned into the computer.

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