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K-9 Cosplays the 12th Doctor

It’s been a few months since the 8th season of Doctor Who premiered and everyone got to see the 12th regeneration of the Doctor for the first time. Although this season isn’t my favorite, I love the 12th Doctor and knew I needed to finish my series of paintings of K-9 dressed as each regeneration of the Doctor.

Although I knew how I wanted K-9 to look and wear in the painting, I decided to wait to see if the 12th Doctor has a “quirky” object that sets him apart from the other Doctors, such a fez, umbrella, recorder, and so on. Because of this, I waited until more episodes aired to see if something “quirky” showed up. In the mean time, I completely forgot about my painting series! This past weekend I remembered the series and decided it was time to finish the series before I forget again.

Here’s the completed painting….

K-9 cosplays the 12th doctor

Clicking on the painting will take you to the painting’s DeviantART page.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the Doctor with an object that would fit as the “quirky” object I was looking for. Because of this, I painted K-9 wearing the 12th Doctor’s coat. It is more simple compared to other paintings I’ve done in the series, but I don’t mind. As of right now the simplicity fits this regeneration of the Doctor. Especially since he is one of the more “grumpy” regenerations the Doctor had.

If the 12th Doctor ends up with a “quirky” object that I can incorperate into the painting in the future, then I do plan on adding it or re-painting K-9 dressed as the 12th Doctor with the object. Then again, I might just end the series here and be happy with the way it looks right now. We’ll see what I choose to do. 🙂

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