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Steampunk Irene

I’ve been having a lot of computer problems recently. Although I’ve been having computer problems, it didn’t prevent me from drawing or painting.

I had an idea recently to do a series of drawings of women with Gibbson Girl hair, only with steampunk elements. I’ve had problems with what I consider “steampunk”, mostly with color combinations, so I was hesitant about posting any of my steampunk drawings and paintings. Still, I like this painting and how it turned out so I’m posting it. 🙂


While working on the first painting, I was watching season 3 of Sherlock so I got the idea to make the woman in the drawing look a little like Irene Adler. It does not look 100% like Irene in Sherlock, but that was never my intention so I’m ok with it.

You can see it on DeviantART here. You can also buy prints on Redbubble here and on Society6 here.

That about it! I’m not sure how many paintings I’ll do in the series, but eh. It’s a start. ^_^

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