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Abstract Fabric Designs

I’m so behind in talking about my Spoonflower fabric designs it’s ludicrous, but that’s what happens when normal life gets in the way. 🙂

Anyway, I created two fabric designs I created for Spoonflower using some of my abstract art. I’m not sure the drawing should be formally called abstract, but after my research I though it fit in the abstract category the best so I call them abstract. 🙂

I made two designs, one is called Red, White, and Blue Abstract while the other is called Valentines Abstract.

The Red, White, and Blue Abstract is… well… red, white, and blue! Here’s what the drawing looks like…


And here’s what the fabric design looks like….


You can buy the fabric here, but I also put the design up for sale on Redbubble and Society6.

Next up, the Valentines Day Abstract drawing…

Valentines Abstract

And the fabric design….


You can buy this fabric here and, like the red, white, and blue design, I put it for sale on Redbubble and Socitey6.

Both designs were drawn on copy/printer paper using sharpie, prismacolor, and copic markers. (I also shaded them with colored pencils) I then scanned them and blended the colors in Gimp.

I have another abstract drawing that I plan on making into a fabric design, but I wasn’t able to put it up on sale yet.

That’s all for now! Here’s hoping I’ll get these fabric design posts done by the end of the month! XD

P.S. Before I forget, I still have yet to mention in a post that I have a Redbubble and Society6 shop. I did this because I’m not done adding my art work on them. Once I’m done, I’ll make the post announcement. 🙂

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