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I’m Back and Life Update- September 2017

Hi everyone! I’m sorry this blog has fallen quiet for the past month or so. So many things happened in August and September that made it extremely hard for me to write post and finish projects. So, here is a little catch up on everything that’s happened to me lately.

If you followed me last year, you probably remember that my posting schedule here on this blog was not consistent and I would stop posting for weeks and sometimes months. This was because there was a family health emergency and eventually a death in my family. Although I dealt with the passing of my family member fairly well, August was the last month my family member lived. Even though I still finished writing posts here during the month of August, it was hard for me to work on anything for September’s posts, especially as it got closer to the one year anniversary of my family member passing.

It was also around this time I became very busy at my day job. My work load comes and goes, but at that time I became very busy. So, I had to make a decision: Work on posts that I knew I could not write as well as I normally should, or take a break from my blog and focus on my day job and mourning for my family member. I chose to take a break.

During that break, other things happened in my personal life, but these things are good!

First, I have a second blog! I started it in June because I realized that some of the posts I wanted to write here on this blog are more appropriate for a lifestyle blog and not this one. Even though I posted on my new blog for a few months, I do not feel ready to share the link to it yet. When I took a break from blogging on this blog, I also took a break from my lifestyle blog. Because of this, there are not as many posts that I wanted to be. So, I decided to hold off from sharing the link yet.

Second, I fixed my serger. My serger stopped working right last year, but I didn’t get the opportunity to fix it because I was busy with the family member’s illness. I was able to fix it myself on August 21, while watching the North American Solar Eclipse on TV…

I was unsure what went wrong with it because one of the threads would snap, but I discovered it needed a cleaning badly and to be rethreaded. After I worked on it, it works fine.


I should’ve oiled it after I cleaned it, but the solar eclipse distracted me and I still have yet to get around to it. I plan on oiling the machine before I use it again.

And finally, I began working on a new costume! I don’t want to talk much about it right now because I’m not sure when I’ll get it done, but I have an event I want to wear it to in November so I’m hoping I can get it done by then. My greatest fear is that the costume will become another abandoned project. I already started it once before but never finished it. The fact I never finished it really bothers me, so I hope I can regain my costume making confidence by finishing this costume in time.

So, that’s a summary of everything I want to talk about that happened in my life since my last post! I have two skirts, new Spoonflower fabric designs, and a tutorial I need to write a post about, but that’s for later. Also, Halloween is coming, I’m making plans to make a new Halloween costume. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll make and wear, or if I’ll end up wearing it anywhere at all, but it is something I’m currently thinking about. It might take a back seat to my secret, I-hope-I-finish-it-in-time costume, but I think I have something I won’t mind making and wearing for Halloween. 🙂

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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