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Good News- Computer is Back!

Hi everyone! I’m happy to say my computer has returned and is fixed! I’m so happy about this for a verity of reasons, but mostly because I can update stuff, edit photos, and finish some of my paintings. 🙂

Although I am overjoyed my computer has returned to me, I’m a little sad because I was unable to work on my Rose Tyler Stolen Earth Jacket posts. My intention was to finish all the posts before the first week of November so anyone who wanted to make their own jacket could and had a little the time to get fabric, patterns, and make their own for the 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out like I planned it would. I’ll still work on the posts, but I don’t think they’ll be completed before November 23rd or 25th. :'(

Anyway, I still have other posts to make for sewing projects, photos I’ve taken, and drawings/paintings I’ve done coming in the future, but I need to respond to comments, emails, ect. first.

That’s all for now and thank you for being patient with me! 😀

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