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So Many Projects… So Few Photos!!!

Lately I’ve became very frustrated with myself and my lack of photos of my finished sewing projects. Well, I’m frustrated with my sewing projects in general. Just when I think I’m almost done with a project, I run into a snag. So, I set it aside to work on something else so my mind will finally clear out and I’ll be able to finish whatever I was working on.

Last week, I decided to finish the projects I started months or, sadly enough, years ago. I began to fix a costume I made in 2010, tried finish two costumes I began in October 2011, and began to knock off some of the sewing projects I’ve been wanting to make for years. But alas, I have no photos of my progress. I do sometimes think I should take more progress photos of my projects, but then I end up taking more photos of my projects instead of spending my time working on them.

Anyway, my most recent frustration arose last night when I was working on one of the costumes I began in 2011. I thought I had finally figured out how to finish it, but after working on it for three or so hours, it turned out completely wrong and I now have to start all over again. I was very upset, but not like I usually am when I have to start completely over. I still have all the original patterns I used and I just need to cut out more fabric, sew together, and work on the section of the costume in a different way. (I have a back-up plan to finish what I’m working on)

Anyway, photos of the completed sewing projects are coming, but me wearing these creations are at least a few months away. Everyone online, except people who know me very personally, probably doesn’t know that I’m currently going through growth spurts. These growth spurts have made me very self contentious of my self-image so I’m not ready to post photos of myself yet. Hang in there everyone! The photos are coming, but for now there are none. 🙂

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