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Sewing Machine is Out of Commission….

Last night I was sewing one of my projects when something happened to it and now it won’t sew anymore. My mom, who is much more knowledgeable in how to fix sewing machines than I am, is going to help me see what is wrong with it. Hopefully it won’t require being taken somewhere so it can be fixed, but it put a HUGE damper on my sewing plans for the weekend. I found a lot of costumes, clothes, and projects I was working on but never finished a few weeks ago and I was planning on knocking quite a bit of them off my “To-do” list. But all that will have to wait until my sewing machine is working again.

So, this weekend, I’m planning on doing as much hand sewing I can, along with attempting to take good photos of the projects I was able to complete before my sewing machine broke, clean up my sewing messes, and perhaps draw some pictures. I haven’t been drawing lately because I wanted to finish my sewing projects and organize my sewing stuff so I didn’t have to worry about the mess I made while I draw. So, the weekend is probably going to be dedicated to cleaning and drawing.

And write some more updates on here, but cleaning comes first. My cleaning is long overdo anyway. 🙂

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