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Future Sewing Projects: January 2022

Hi everyone! I’ve been going through my fabric stash to see what I would like to work on and when I want to work on it. One of my sewing goals for the year is to put more effort into using my fabric stash instead of buying new fabric. I will buy new fabric only when I need to, but ideally my projects will need to include some of my fabric from my fabric stash. I’m not sure how well this will work out, but I’m optimistic I can work on all the sewing projects I wanted to for many years but couldn’t.

So far I’ve found fabric for many projects I wanted to create, and make YouTube channel videos of, but for other fabric I was stumped. After a lot of thought, I figured out a productive way of using the fabric that I will be happy with. Since I’m so excited to start these new sewing projects, I wanted to talk about the ones I want to start this month.


After a long time of avoiding sewing quilts, I finally gave into trying to quilt. I already quilt using the English paper piecing method, but I hate quilting the most common way. (Using a rotary cutter to cut and sew the pieces together) This month, I would like to give this way of quilting another try. I have plenty of fabric to use and I purchased PDF patterns off Etsy to give me the inspiration and directions to make the quilts. After reading the instructions, I’m very excited to get started! The instructions are easy to follow, make sense to someone who isn’t familiar with quilting, and will make very pretty quilts. I will need to ignore the recommended fabric colors because I’m using fabric in my fabric stash only, but I am certain I will probably be able to finish the top of one quilt before the end of winter!



I need new shirts and for years I’ve gathered a nice collection of knits that I can use to make myself some. I’m very excited to make them because I don’t like the ones I see in store. I have the sewing patterns to make a wide variety of styles, so it’s just a matter of picking my favorite styles and making them for myself.



I’m 100% certain I won’t be able to finish any costume before the endo of winter, but I still would like to start at least one. I think I will begin to work on my Belle costume from the live action version of Beauty and the Beast first. The only thing preventing me from making the dress is the fact I like the dress, just not for Belle. Plus, I’m self continues about scaring and other skin problems on my upper arms and this dress has no sleeves. I think I might create a variation of the dress with sleeves to make myself feel more comfortable wearing it. I need to think about it and do some sketches of what I’m thinking of before I’m completely sold on making it. If not, I’ll need to think of some other yellow ballgown to make using the fabric.


Prom Dress

I’m not going anywhere that calls for a formal dress, but I really do enjoy making prom dresses. I have an idea of the kind of dress I would like to make, and I have the fabric to make it, so I think it would be my fun project that isn’t supposed to be serious or meant for something. Well, I’m serious about how well I make it. Just not serious enough to make plans to wear it somewhere in the near future.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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