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YouTube Update: When I’ll Come Back & Why I’ve Been Gone

Hi everyone! I’ve been away from my YouTube channels for quite a long time and, in that time, I began to wonder if anyone is curious about why I didn’t upload.

The reason why I didn’t upload is because I didn’t make anything I wanted to upload. I tried to make a shopping vlog, but I gave up on that idea not because I didn’t like my video. It was because I was very busy around the time I needed to edit and publish the video for the items I showed in the store to still be available. Since that was the only video I could upload for the past few months.

As for sewing, I haven’t been sewing much these past few months. I already talked about my problems physically moving in my previous post as well as that I decided to take time off sewing to avoid moving too much for a while. I plan on returning to sewing in January or February 2022, but right now I’m taking time off sewing. Since my YouTube channel is mostly sewing videos, and I haven’t sewn for a few months, I don’t have anything to talk about on YouTube. I seriously considered uploading other videos on YouTube, but I don’t like the ideas I came up with. Because of this, I will not be posting any videos until I’m healthier and can move much easier than I currently can.

I’m very disappointed I won’t be uploading any videos before the end of the year. (Unless I decide to post a Black Friday 2021 shopping vlog or a sewing pattern haul) Despite this, I want to upload more videos I feel comfortable posting and enjoy creating.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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