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Handmade Small Drawstring Bag

Hi everyone! I had photographs of a small drawstring bag I made a while ago, but I never talk about them in a post. If you are highly experienced sewer, you probably already know that making drawstring bags are very easy. I’m an experienced sewer, but its been quite some time since I made myself a drawstring bag. A while ago, I needed some new drawstring bags for storage, but I didn’t want to buy one. So, I started to make them in the size I wanted them to be,

Here’s what the smallest bag looks like open…

and here’s what it looks like closed…

The bag is made out of two layers of grey cotton from Walmart and the strings are satin ribbons I purchased also at Walmart. It wasn’t that difficult to make and it works well, but I didn’t like the tutorial I used to make them. It was different than my old favorite tutorial (Which I couldn’t find online) and it confused me. Because of this, the bag’s sewing quality is not as nice as I wanted it to be. I have other bags I need to make, so I plan on looking for a new tutorial, or making one up myself, before I continue to make other drawstring bags.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!



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