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Out of Print Sewing Pattern Collections I Would Like to Own

Many years ago, I became interested in buying vintage and out of print sewing patterns. As the years passed, I began to want to focus on collecting a few patterns I would really like to own, and use, instead of collecting the whole entire line of patterns. Even though I’m now very strict about what out of print patterns I want to buy, there are a few pattern lines/collections I would like to own as many patterns from as possible. One of these collections is the Hilary Duff x McCall’s line. There are others, but here are three dream pattern collections I would love to own the whole entire collection of. (As long as they are in my price range!)

Dynasty x McCall’s Official Patterns

I stumbled upon the Dynasty x McCall’s patterns back in the late 2000’s and I wanted the whole entire collection ever since. The patterns are based off the clothes seen in the 1980’s soap opera Dynasty, including some patterns inspired by Joan Crawford’s suits. I love the clothes from the show, so owning the patterns is the closest I can come to owning a piece of clothing. If I cannot own every pattern in the collection (Many of them are very expensive) I would love to own a pattern of Alexa’s (Joan Crawford’s character) suits.


Dior Patterns from the 1970’s

I’ve seen many Dior patterns from Vogue patterns, but the ones I love the most are from the 1970’s. They have a style that reminds me of the clothes from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I think they would make great office attire and, if styled right, would be great for everyday wear as well. I already started to buy my favorites from the collection.


Karl Lagerfield x Vogue Patterns

Karl Lagerfield was the head designer of the fashion house Chanel from the 1982 until his passing in 2019. In the 1980’s, Vogue Patterns released patterns as part of an official collaboration with Karl Lagerfield. Lagerfield’s designs for his own label, Karl Lagerfield Paris, has a similar style to his designs for Chanel. Because of this, many fans of Lagerfield’s designs that would like a more affordable options to his Chanel line would buy from his personal line. This is why I want the patterns from his collaboration with Vogue Patterns. I own a few, but I would like to collect more before the patterns become harder to find and much less affordable.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!