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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Bullet Journal

In my last post, I talked about four reasons why someone should try bullet journaling. Even though I believed trying bullet journaling for a few months, I realized it was not a great fit for me. Since I’m now using a different type of agenda/planner style, I wanted to share five reasons why bullet journaling would not be a good way to organize and plan.

You Have a Busy Life

Sometimes my life is so busy, I don’t have time to sew, draw, or take photographs, let alone create a beautiful journal layout that will fit my wants and needs. Because of the need to draw a layout, it may be more time consuming than what some lifestyles or a person is willing to spend. If you fall into this category, but still want to bullet journal, try using a simple layout that will be much less time consuming than making an elaborate layout.


You Need a Certain Type of Planner and Layout for Work/School

Sometimes, schools and companies want their students and employees to use a certain type of planner. These planners have special pages, including rules and regulations, or have a special layout that are important to the school and workplace. Sometimes this planner is provided by the company and school for free, but the students and employees must use them and cannot use their own planner. If you are someone who must use a planner because it is required by your school or workplace, then bullet journaling is absolutely not a good option for you.


You Need a Layout to Plan Ahead

Although some bullet journaling can be focused on a more practical, work oriented style, some like to use bullet journaling as a way to keep memories and to actually journal. If the style of bullet journaling is aimed towards memory keeping, you may not be able to create layouts more than a month in advance because you will need room in the journal for writing down, drawing, and doing what ever else you would like to do in order to keep memories.


Artistry, Creativity, or Keeping Memories in a Planner is a Hindrance to Your Planner’s Productivity

If you love being creative or keeping memories but want to keep it separate from a planner, then bullet journaling is probably not for you. Bullet journaling it is meant to serve not only as a place to be artistic and keep memories, but also as a functioning journal. Again, this depends on the layout and reason for keeping a bullet journal, but if the kind of layout and reason for keeping a bullet journal is hindering the planner’s productivity, then the layout you use or bullet journaling in general is not for you.


You Like Keeping a Journal and Planner Separate from Each Other

The last reason why a bullet journal would not be good for you is if you like to keep a journal and planner separate from each other. Bullet journaling can include anything you want it to with any layout you need to be the most productive, but sometimes people don’t want to include certain parts of their planner dedicated to being a planner and not include more personal information. If you are someone who wants to keep certain parts of bullet journaling separate from the planning element, then it may be best to keep a personal journal and a planner instead of combining both.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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